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"My experience with New South Benefits Group has been great. The side by side plan comparisons and the administrative support provided to me and the employees of Vectronix have drastically cut down the time previously devoted to Employee Benefits. Now I can focus more time on what is most important...growing my business!!!"

New South Benefits Group

Group Info

New South Benefits Group is primarily focused on providing Group Insurance Benefits to Businesses with 2-200 eligible employees. To qualify for group coverage your company must consist of more than 2 full time employees (or owner + one employee) and be willing to fund part of the premium. There are several distinct advantages to offering employee benefits including:

  • Employee retention
  • A greater competitive edge when recruiting new employees.
  • Significant tax incentives
  • Happier, healthier, more productive employees!

Finding an adequate, affordable, and manageable benefits plan for you and your employees doesn’t have to be difficult. NSBG is not an insurance carrier. We are an independent agency dedicated to helping you choose the insurance plan that is suited to your unique needs and budget. Let our advocates help you and your group with:

  • Plan Selection
  • Enrollment
  • Consultation
  • Questions and Concerns
  • Renewal

NSBG is Choice

New South Benefits Group will customize an insurance plan according to your group’s specific needs and budget. Why waste time getting separate quotes from insurance carriers when NSBG can give you the same quotes in less time? Because NSBG is an independent agency affiliated with all the top insurance companies we offer all the resources you need to make an informed decision. The carriers we work with include:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia
  • Aetna
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Humana
  • United Health
  • Guardian
  • Assurant Health
  • MET
  • Illinois Mutual

Most local agencies only represent two or three carriers, but NSBG presents multiple options in side-by-side format, making it easy for you to compare rates and plans. We offer a variety of insurance plans for groups and individuals, including:

  • PPO
  • POS
  • HMO
  • High Deductible
  • HSA
  • Short-term Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life (temporary and permanent)
  • Disability

Any agent can sell you insurance, but NSBG offers a unique combination of experience, personalized local service, and a wide variety of nationally-recognized insurance carriers.

NSBG is Guidance

New South Benefits Group is your insurance advocate. First we will discuss your specific situation and address variables that affect plan selection, including:

  • Employer/Employee contribution options
  • Single/multiple plan selections
  • Employee savings options
  • Pre-tax premium funding options

With your unique needs in mind a quote is then prepared comparing offers from our area’s Top Insurers. The information is presented in an easy to read side by side comparison of plans and premium options to help you make an informed decision. This approach to quoting helps us Guide you toward clear, budget-friendly options tailored to your specific needs. Our job is to make the experience of choosing and managing your insurance as hassle-free as possible. We know your insurance needs are unique, and so we strive to be there for you every step of the way, offering guidance and support.

NSBG is Support

New South Benefits Group is a full-service insurance advocate. Our personal touch approach extends beyond the standard selection and renewal process offered by most insurance agencies. We’re bridging the gap between the big insurance carriers and the client by maintaining ongoing communication about your insurance needs. That’s why we’re always available to address any questions or concerns you might have about your plan. Whether you have a question about your benefits or a larger issue, an experienced NSBG advocate is available by phone, email, or in person. Our goal is to come up with the best possible plan to fit your specific needs and give you and your employees the tools you need to successfully manage your insurance. Our expertise and knowledge enables us to translate vague insurance lingo into a clear picture of what your benefits will be with each plan. Once we decide on the right plan for you, NSBG is there for enrollment, renewal consultation, and everything in between.