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New South Benefits Group

Case Studies

Client NeatWorks, Inc. - Alpharetta, GA

Problem: During the initial consultation it was discovered that the owners of this newly formed company were uninsured. Without quality health insurance for themselves the owners were at very high risk for personal financial loss due to medical bills. In addition to the personal risk associated with being uninsured the fact that the group did not have quality group coverage to offer new employees left them at a disadvantage when recruiting and trying to retain good employees.

Solution: NSBG must first help the owners of the company to eliminate the current personal risk by securing individual health coverage. Our second priority was to help the group find quality group coverage as they began to grow and add employees to the company.

Outcome: NSBG eliminated the owner's personal financial risk by offering several individual health insurance options from top insurers in our area. As the business began to grow NSBG helped them convert this individual coverage to group health coverage. This new group coverage has helped the company recruit and retain professional and productive employees.

Client Staton Conditioned Air Services, Inc. Alpharetta, GA

Problem: This client had experienced unreasonable premium increases by their carrier and requested that we consolidate their various insurance plans.

Solution: NSBG addressed both issues by finding one quality insurance carrier that would offer more competitive premiums and more comprehensive coverage.

Outcome: NSBG replaced their current portfolio of plans which included a separate Group health, dental and life plan, Supplemental Health plan and an Individual Health plan with one plan that provided the same coverage for all employees. A 25% decrease in premium, ease of benefit administration and billing consolidation were accomplished in this case.